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Sustainable development planning options for every area.

  • Remote assessment options - based on supplied topographic maps
  • On site assessment and planning
    • On site work initially aims at selecting a suitable starting project within the overall assessment of a Keyline plan for the property. The starting project is usually staked (pegged) out whilst the consultant is on the property. The whole process usually takes a few days and will take longer in flat country if the pegging out includes Keyline Flood-flow irrigation bays.

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    Consulting Fees

      The consulting service is based on a sliding scale of decreasing hourly rates, plus travel and accommodation expenses if incurred.
      If you provide transport, accommodation, pegs and helpers there is no other charge for the service.
      N.B. Chargeable consulting time includes; initial assessment of data, discussions in house or office, time spent travelling around the property, plan preparation, report writing, map searches and purchases. When on site it excludes lunch breaks.
      For work done in Australia, the fees are in Australian dollars. Where overseas travel is required the figures are the same but in US dollars.
      A standard day is eight hours. Long days are charged pro-rata on the daily rate.

      Examples of the rates:

      • A retainer of $374.00 (inc GST) is required and covers the first hour.
      • The first half day is $1,408.00 (inc GST).
      • The first standard day is $2,464.00 (inc GST).
      • The first two standard days is $4,840.00 (inc GST).

      The rate by day four and thereafter is $265.00 per hour. (ex GST).
      Telephone consultation is $25 per 10 minute unit (ex GST).

    Travel and Accommodation.

        Where practical these expenses are shared amongst clients.

        All traveling time charged at $149 per hour one way (inc GST).

      • ROAD
        Travel expenses by road are $2.00 per kilometre measured one way from Southport in South-East Queensland. The portion of any journey on unsealed roads, which cause greater wear and tear, may be charged at $3.50 per Km.

        Occasionally it may be necessary to hire a vehicle, either from the Gold Coast or from a town or serviced airport near you. Rented cars, are charged out at cost plus the travelling time charge and fuel.

      • AIR
        Return air fares are at cost, which includes any extra baggage charges and insurance (travellers medical and property). Business class is used for international travel.

      • Alternatively clients may provide all transport and in such cases, only the travelling time fee is applicable.

        Accommodation arrangements are usually that the consultant stays on the property as a house guest, however if this is not practical, than a local motel should be booked.

      • An extra charge will apply if it is necessary to camp out whilst on the property.

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